,/envious1860166.html,Red,ミュージック , ヒーリング・ニューエイジ , ニューエイジ,Once,Moon,a,in,1192円,/envious1860166.html,Red,ミュージック , ヒーリング・ニューエイジ , ニューエイジ,Once,Moon,a,in,1192円 Once in 入荷予定 a Moon Red 1192円 Once in a Red Moon ミュージック ヒーリング・ニューエイジ ニューエイジ 1192円 Once in a Red Moon ミュージック ヒーリング・ニューエイジ ニューエイジ Once in 入荷予定 a Moon Red

Once in 入荷予定 驚きの値段で a Moon Red

Once in a Red Moon


Once in a Red Moon



48時間以内に通常我々発送。典型的には、ご注文は、4~8営業日以内に配信されます。 ご注文は、弊社にとって非常に重要です。 Format: Music CD, Universal Records. Rock music CD release from Secret Garden with the album Once in a Red Moon. Released on the label Universal Records. Hard to find Jazz, Roots, Folk, Latin, Rock or World music CD.


Secret Garden's latest, "i"Once in a Red Moon, continues along the path of their previous releases such as "i"Songs from a Secret Garden and "i"Dawn of a New Century. Violinist Fionnuala Sherry and pianist/composer Rolf Lovland continue to combine in romantic and soulful ways around melodies that hover between the Romantic composers of the 19th century and the beautiful folk melodies and harmonies of many countries. Sherry's playing is full of passion whatever the setting, giving real red-blooded feeling to whatever musical landscape Lovland's pieces sketch out. Central to the expanded acoustic palette on this new album is the arranging skill of Kjetil Bjerkestrand, who combines absolute transparency of sound with compelling richness of texture. Guest singers Brian Kennedy and Karen Matheson illuminate lyrics to different tunes, including a re-setting of the "Danny Boy" melody that becomes a tribute to Lovland's recently deceased mother. Celtic roots are never far away throughout this thoughtful and exquisite album, giving its overall yearning quality a particular and apposite focus. --Keith Shadwick

Once in a Red Moon




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