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Absolutely お気に入 No Alternative 新作続

Absolutely No Alternative


Absolutely No Alternative


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UK reissue of this 2002 album from the Canadian Metal legends. Anvil features Steve "Lips" Kudlow (lead vocals, lead guitar), Robb Reiner (drums), and Glenn Five (bass, backing vocals). To date, the band has released 13 studio albums, and has been cited as having influenced many notable Heavy Metal groups, including Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica. The band, in particular Kudlow and Reiner, was the subject of the 2008 documentary film Anvil! The Story of Anvil, directed by the screenwriter and former Anvil roadie Sacha Gervasi. Upon its release, the film garnered critical acclaim from many major publications, and has since brought the band renewed recognition, including opening slots with AC/DC and Saxon. Massacre. 2010.

Absolutely No Alternative


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